15 Leftover Corned Beef Recipes (2024)

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Corned beef doesn't have to be just for St. Patrick's Day! Here are 15 amazing leftover corned beef recipes to make with corned beef brisket. Don't let that leftover corned beef go to waste, transform it into awesome new meals!

15 Leftover Corned Beef Recipes (1)

Leftover corned beef

Corned beef is amazing when it's prepared right—it's tender, delicious, not overly salty, and absolutely perfect for a dinner with potatoes and cabbage.... like my sous vide corned beef recipe. But we all get tired of eating the same thing 3 nights in a row, right?

So use that leftover corned beef (or use leftover smoked brisket) to make new delicious dinners! Here are some of my favorite leftover corned beef recipes.

15 Leftover Corned Beef Ideas

15 Leftover Corned Beef Recipes (2)

Photo Credit:foxeslovelemons.com

Corned Beef Egg Rolls

These crispy crunchy corned beef egg rolls are so good! Do NOT skip out on the creamy mustard dipping sauce.

15 Leftover Corned Beef Recipes (3)

Photo Credit:anaffairfromtheheart.com

Corned Beef Pizza

I don't think anyone can resist this cheesy corned beef pizza! You'll need about 1 lb of leftover corned beef for this recipe.

15 Leftover Corned Beef Recipes (4)

Photo Credit:stuffmattycooks.com

Leftover Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup

This corned beef soup is so hearty and delicious. It's a great lighter way to use up corned beef!

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This cheesy, super delicious dip uses just a cup of corned beef, so you can make it even if you only have a tiny bit left! Serve with rye bread for dipping.

15 Leftover Corned Beef Recipes (6)

Photo Credit:thesaltymarshmallow.com

Loaded Irish Nachos

These potato "nachos" are loaded with leftover corned beef, bacon, and a mouthwatering beer cheese sauce. They're so snackable and delicious!

15 Leftover Corned Beef Recipes (7)

Photo Credit:familyspice.com

Leftover Corned Beef Mac and Cheese

Add some protein and flavor to your mac and cheese! You'll need about 2 cups of chopped corned beef to make this.

15 Leftover Corned Beef Recipes (8)

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Corned Beef Sliders

Corned beef sliders have the perfect combination of salty flavor from the corned beef, tartness and zing from sauerkraut, and creaminess from Russian dressing. You can stretch ½ lb of corned beef into 6 delicious sliders!

15 Leftover Corned Beef Recipes (9)

Photo Credit:www.fromvalerieskitchen.com

Corned Beef Breakfast Sandwiches

Corned beef is amazing in breakfast sandwiches because the saltiness of the corned beef goes so well with eggs.

15 Leftover Corned Beef Recipes (10)

Photo Credit:www.carriesexperimentalkitchen.com

Corned Beef Hash

This corned beef hash makes a great breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipe. You can also throw in veggies that you have in the fridge that need to be used up.

15 Leftover Corned Beef Recipes (11)

Photo Credit:gypsyplate.com

Classic Reuben Sandwich

You can't go wrong with a classic Rueben sandwich! Leftover corned beef gets an upgrade with the easy homemade Russian dressing.

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15 Leftover Corned Beef Recipes (12)

Photo Credit:www.carriesexperimentalkitchen.com

Reuben Tacos

Reuben tacos are such a creative way to use up leftover corned beef! This recipe will use about 2 cups of diced corned beef. Choose your favorite toppings and enjoy!

15 Leftover Corned Beef Recipes (13)

Photo Credit:theforkedspoon.com

Corned Beef Potato Pancakes

What could be more Irish than corned beef and potatoes combined into tasty little savory pancakes? This recipe uses corned beef that has been shredded or chopped very finely to mix well with the potatoes. Delish with a dollop of sour cream on top!

15 Leftover Corned Beef Recipes (14)

Photo Credit:cookwhatyoulove.com

Crispy Corned Beef Fritters

This version of corned beef + potato fritters has a different texture thanks to using shredded potatoes. Which one would you prefer, this one or the one above??

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15 Leftover Corned Beef Recipes (15)

Photo Credit:recipethis.com

Air Fryer Corned Beef Pasty

Use leftover corned beef for this pasty recipe. You can use pre-made pie crust or empanada wrappers (buy them frozen) for a shortcut.

15 Leftover Corned Beef Recipes (16)

Photo Credit:swirlsofflavor.com

Corned Beef and Cabbage Casserole

Turn corned beef into ultimate comfort food... with a bit of healthy veggies! You'll need just ½ lb of thin-sliced corned beef to make this, so a little goes a long way! Turn those leftovers into a full meal that's budget-friendly!

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15 Leftover Corned Beef Recipes (17)

Photo Credit:inmamamaggieskitchen.com

Mexican Corned Beef Burritos

Corned beef burritos?? OH HECK YEA!! This is a great recipe to use leftover corned beef along with almost anything else you have in the fridge.

15 Leftover Corned Beef Recipes (18)

Photo Credit:temeculablogs.com

Leftover Corned Beef Chowder

If a creamy soup is more your thing, this chowder uses corned beef. The salted corned beef is fabulous with the creamy broth!

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Try a corned beef quesadilla! Even though the recipe is not on the list above, all you need to do is add some shredded or cubed corned beef to a tortilla, add some shredded cheese, fold over and heat on a pan. You can add sauerkraut or a smear of spicy mustard, if you like.

If you enjoyed these corned beef ideas, make sure to save this list on Pinterest so you can come back to it later when you need it! Pin this image:

15 Leftover Corned Beef Recipes (19)
15 Leftover Corned Beef Recipes (2024)


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