A Quick Guide to Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Society (2024)

What is Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Society?

Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Society is a loyalty programme that rewards guests that book multiple Royal Caribbean cruises. Earning points with each cruise you take, you can start to collect points (and therefore benefits) from the moment you complete your first sailing. Benefits that you can take advantage of on land and onboard, there are six different membership levels within the club.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the different Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor benefits, membership levels, and more useful information. Keep reading to find out more!

Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Membership Levels

As mentioned above, there are six Crown and Anchor levels. If you are a US or Canadian guest, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the programme after your first Royal Caribbean cruise, but if you’re outside of these, you can call Royal Caribbean or visit a Loyalty Ambassador onboard after your first cruise with them.

Membership Level Cruise Points Earned
Gold 3 points
Platinum 30 points
Emerald 55 points
Diamond 80 points
Diamond Plus 175 points
Pinnacle Club 700+ points

How to Earn Points in the Crown and Anchor Society You will receive one point for each night spent on a Royal Caribbean ship, or double the points if you book a suite. For instance, a even-night cruise will earn you seven Crown and Anchor points, or 14 points for a suite. The benefits you can enjoy vary from priority boarding to exclusive events, tours, gifts and more.

Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Society Benefits

There are a myriad of benefits you can access when enrolling in Royal Caribbean’s loyalty program. To ensure that you access these, quote your Crown and Anchor Society number either to an agent at time of booking or an onboard advisor when booking your future cruise onboard.

Benefits Gold Platinum Emerald Diamond Diamond Plus Pinnacle Club
Member newsletter / / / / / /
Notice of special offers, itineraries and ship launches / / / / / /
50% off any glass of wine, beer or soft drink (2 coupons per sailing) / / / / / /
50% off a Johnny Rockets milkshake / / / / / /
Private departure lounge (and continental breakfast included) / / / / / /
Access to loyalty desk / / / / / /
Exclusive rates / / / / / /
Additional points for suite bookings/single priced bookings / / / / / /
50% off a scoop of ice cream at onboard ice cream bars / / / / / /
Discounts on WIFi packages / / / / / /
Buy one get one free on movie rentals / / / / / /
Arcade credit deals / / / / / /
Wine/beer/soft drink discount (by glass) 10% 10% 10% 20% 25% 25%
25% off speciality coffee purchases (excluding Starbucks purchases) /
50% off speciality coffee purchases (2 coupons, excluding Starbucks purchases) / /
Discounts on Royal Caribbean merchandise10%10%10%15%15%15%
Discounts on any spa service (excluding Medi-Spa services)10%15%15%20%20%20%
One complimentary speciality coffee drink (excluding Starbucks) when purchasing a speciality meal / / / / /
Discounts on photo packages 20% 25% 30% 30% 30%
Discounts on suites/balcony bookings / / / / /
Exlusive events (for 5+ night sailings, 7+ nights on Spectrum) / / / / /
Slot machine credit on select machines $2 $4 $6 $6 $6 $6
Free jackpot card with bingo package purchases 1 card 3 cards 6 cards 6 cards 6 cards 6 cards
Complimentary welcome waters (per guest) 2 2 3 3
Complimentary daily drinks up to $14 (select venues apply) 4 5 6
Onboard use of robes / / / / /
$5 off dry-clean/press service ($25) / / / / /
Discount on wash and fold laundry bag (5+ nights) / / / / /
Discounts on onboard internet packages (t's and c's apply) 10% 15% 15%
A complimentary photo (printed or digital) / / /
Priority seating request in Main Dining Room / / /
Priority waiting list for Vitality Spa services + Shore excursions / / /
Exclusive tour of backstage area (exclusively on 5+ night cruises) / / /
Complimentary dining for a second guest (when purchasing a speciality meal on the 1st or 2nd night of your cruise) / /
Deluxe drinks package discount 30% 40%
Access to Crown Lounge access (with an exclusive happy hour each night / / /
Milestone recognition / / /
Complimentary add-on treatment - in the spa (excluding any Medi-Spa services) / /
Exclusive lapel pin / /
Stateroom phone discount rate ($2 per minute) / / /
Complimentary non-alcoholic drinks up to a value of $14 for teens (selected venues apply) 4 5 6
Chef's Choice experience (on cruises 5+ night) / / /
Accesss + priority seating at the AquaTheater, Ice Show + Theatre / /
Single supplement discounts / /
Exclusive personalised gift / /
Officer celebration (7+ night cruises, members with 340+ cruise points / /
Enhanced bathroom amenities (340+ points) / /
Access to the Coastal Kitchen /
Saving on speciality dining on nights 5+ nights ($25, exclusive to Oasis and Quantum-class ships) /
Speciality daily breakfast /
Complimentary Surf+Stream Wi-Fi (for 1 device) /
Access to the Concierge and Suite Lounge /
Flexible arrival times /
Personalised lapel pin /
Milestone Cruise Certificate /

Crown and Anchor Login - How to Check Your Points and Status To check your loyalty points, benefits and status, sign into your account on the Royal Caribbean website. You will then find these, along with past cruises on your Dashboard.

Royal Caribbean’s Loyalty Match Programme

When you join the Crown and Anchor Society, you can also benefit from the Loyalty Status Match programme. This allows tier matching across all three of Royal Caribbean Group brands, including Silversea, Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean. Enhancing the loyalty programme offering, regardless of the line you're sailing with, you'll receive a wide range of benefits.

Captain's Club - Celebrity CruisesCrown & Anchor Society - Royal CaribbeanVenetian Society - Silversea
Gold1 Vs Day
SelectPlatinum & Emerald100 Vs Days
EliteDiamond250 Vs Days
Elite PlusDiamond Plus300 Vs Days
ZenithPinnacle Club500 Vs Days

To participate in the Loyalty Match Programme, Royal Caribbean will need to verify your information against the memberships you have with other cruise lines within the Royal Caribbean group. Once this is verified, your status will be updated within one week. The Loyalty Match Programme is only available for guests over 18.

Will Your Loyalty Programme Matched Status Ever Expire? Your matched status does not expire unless you unenroll from a loyalty programme.

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Crown and Anchor Society Top Terms and Conditions

  • Benefits are subject to change and availability.
  • Robes can be delivered upon request, and are subject to availability.
  • Priority theatre, ice show or AquaTheater seating can only be held up to 10 minutes prior to performances.
  • Exclusive Rates are subject to specific ship and sail dates.

*Other terms and conditions apply. Membership benefits and terms are correct as of June 2024.

A Quick Guide to Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Society (2024)


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