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Bacon?? In kugel? Wrong…for so many reasons.

Lynn Sharon

where are the eggs? none or typo?


This noodle kugel would be better if the onions and garlic were sautéed first..I know its an extra step in a very easy recipe but the results would be better...just microwave the onions and garlic in a little butter while the noodles cook.

Roni Jordan

This was quite a departure from my usual favorite sweet kugel, and I was skeptical considering the range of reviews. But...it was really good. I used wide egg noodles, not pappardelle, Daisy light sour cream and Breakstone 2% fat cottage cheese. Topped with Pecorino Romano, which I prefer over Parmesan. Did not pre-cook the onions or garlic. A very nice complement to a dinner of salmon croquettes and salad.


Great dish. I like it much better with the onions and garlic sautéed first however. Following the recipe the onions come out too crunchy and dominating.


SZI, where on earth are you seeing BACON? There's no bacon in this recipe. :)


Naomi is right. Assemble and refrigerate overnight, before baking straight from the fridge. It will be much better. Careful with the Tabasco though, its strength tends to multiply with sitting.


At my house, this is called Noodles Romanoff. My mother made it when I was growing up in the 50s & 60s and I have made it for the last almost 50 years. The recipe is almost the same as mine. What we called "kugel" was always a sweet noodle pudding served more often for holidays. This savory dish I serve year-round and I like it very much!


No bacon in this recipe. The commenter liked it with bacon, but it's wildly unlikely it was served for a Jewish holiday!

It's always fun to tweak a good recipe to make your own. Feel free to play with it.


Very tasty, and my toddlers loved it. After reading the comments, I sautéed an onion, zuchini, yellow squash, and dried thyme to add some vegetables. The only other change I made was chipotle Tabasco, since that is all I had on hand.

Gail Cowan

Ok, this is almost exactly a recipe I got from my MIL in Dayton, Ohio, as part of a Women's Club cookbook from 1960-something. Maybe they stole it from Larchmont. It was not called a kugel (maybe to avoid discouraging expectations of sweetness or someone who didn't want Jewish food). The recipe used ultra thin egg noodles (which I stand by) and didn't include chives (which I would stand by). I have been making it for years to high praise.


Needed a quick and easy dish to take to a pitch in. This went together fast and was quite tasty. I used ricotta instead of cottage cheese and couldn't find farmer's cheese and that turned out well. Reminiscent of a french onion dip, with noodles. (Hey! That's not such a bad idea.)


With all due respect, this is much better if the onions and garlic are lightly sauteed first. This is a simple but great recipe. A great change from plain pasta. Will definitely make again. Thanks!

Gail Cowan

No eggs. Really.


Do not add onion to these noodles. Horrible The crunch works against the creaminess and the taste overpowers every flavor including the Worcestershire. I have always made it with a generous addition of onion powder and it is the perfect balance

Ginny M

Made this with 3 eggs (what is kugel without them?), less cottage cheese & yogurt (what I had on hand), skipped the Worcestershire, chives & parm. Very good. Next time, I’ll sauté the onions & garlic.


Big hit at our Rosh Hashanah dinner! I . I used ricotta instead of cottage cheese. I used vegetarian Worcestershire sauce. I more than doubled the hot sauce after tasting. Next time, I'd go even further because it was imperceptible after cooking. (Many in our family do not care for hot spicy foods and this was not even close to spicy. I'm putting this here for all who may need to know.) I made this the night before in deep eglass baking dishes and it reheated beautifully in the microwave.

Alan M

Big hit last night for dinner with friends.I used a 12 oz. bag of noodles, and doubled the onions and garlic and chives.Very tasty, I told people it was “French Onion Kugel”Will definitely make again!


Adjusted the recipe to use a 1 lb. Bag of noodles and a 9x11 baking dish. Came out great.


I don’t have much experience with kugel, traditional or not, but this was tasty! Made as written, except I did sauté the onions and garlic first. We are looking forward to leftovers tomorrow :)


I agree, saute garlic & onions! If you, like me, prefer your kugel to hold together, add 2-3 beaten eggs; reduce the sour cream to 1c and maybe try the less-tart Mexican Sour Cream (crema agria). With the exception of salt, it could use more seasonings. Red and green onions throughout might be nice for non-Jewish holidays.


Disappointing - very dense (needs eggs?) and bland (needs more onion, garlic) and unbelievably fattening.


I made this as written and found it extremely bland. It does have a passing resemblance to the old box mix of Romanoff Noodles, but only a passing resemblance. After finding it uninspiring I attempted to rescue the leftovers but couldn’t. I made this, a green salad and fruit medley then ate the salad and fruit with a peanut butter sandwich for dinner. The hubs didn't care for it, either. It did make the peanut butter sandwich taste like a gourmet treat so there’s that.

pirtate girl

I would call this very boring noodle kugle. Frying it in butter after baking might improve it, but I wont bother to make it again. I love kugle and this one is a dud in my book.

Judel and Susan

This is very much like a recipe from the 1972 “SHARE AND SHARE ALIKE” Women’s Auxiliary Hebrew HomeOf Greater Washington:1 8oz pkg noodles cooked1/2 pint sour cream2 T onion juice1 T Lea & Perrin Worcestershire1/2 lb grated Swiss ( we sub GRUYÈRE)( crushed croutons added on top)Drain noodles, add all ingredients, sprinkle top w bread crumbs, dot with butter. Bake 350. No mention of time in original recipe( we did 35 min)A few in our family do not like sweet kugel; EVERYONE LOV


Excellent, made this exactly according to the recipe. Wouldn't change a thing. Me and my boyfriend destroyed this entire kugel in a day.


eggs make it heavier, much lighter dish without. No idea which I'd prefer. Probably without, but only because it's easier.


2/22/22 6oz dry noodle enough for lg casserole dish.


Add fried zucchini and some cayenne pepper to give some pizazz and reinforce savory flavor goal

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Exciting Noodle Kugel Recipe (2024)


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