Seatgeek Melanie Martinez (2024)

1. Melanie Martinez Tickets & 2024 The Trilogy Tour - Vivid Seats

  • Melanie Martinez will be taking the stage on May 10 at the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle to kick off her Trilogy tour. She will then head to Los Angeles, Las ...

  • Buy Melanie Martinez tickets from Vivid Seats and experience it live!

Melanie Martinez Tickets & 2024 The Trilogy Tour - Vivid Seats

2. Giant Center Featured Concert Tickets & 2024 Tour Dates | SeatGeek

  • Find tickets from 270 dollars to Melanie Martinez with Lola Young on Wednesday July 31 at 7:00 pm at Giant Center in Hershey, PA · Find tickets from 21 dollars ...

  • 100% Guaranteed Tickets For all Upcoming Giant Center Concerts Available at the Lowest Price on SeatGeek - Let’s Go!

Giant Center Featured Concert Tickets & 2024 Tour Dates | SeatGeek

3. Melanie Martinez - Delta Center

4. Melanie Martinez 'Trilogy Tour': Where to buy the cheapest tickets for ...

  • 19 hours ago · Fans can buy tickets here (prices are as of the time of this publication):. SeatGeek, prices start at $320; Vivid Seats, prices start at $341 ...

  • Martinez will perform on Wednesday, July 31, 2024, at the Giant Center in Hershey.

Melanie Martinez 'Trilogy Tour': Where to buy the cheapest tickets for ...

5. SeatGeek's Top Tour Stops – Save $10 On Any Ticket Sitewide

  • Nov 7, 2019 · SeatGeek breaks down the top tour stops in 10 major metro ... Melanie Martinez on November 9-10; Cheapest: Alessia Cara on November ...

  • SeatGeek breaks down the top tour stops in 10 major metro areas around the United States and offers a $10 discount code.

SeatGeek's Top Tour Stops – Save $10 On Any Ticket Sitewide

6. Events | Amerant Bank Arena

  • Get Directions · Panthers · Amerant · SeatGeek · co*ke · JetBlue · FLA Team Shop · DEX · Amerant Bank Arena logo. 1 Panther Parkway | Sunrise, Florida 33323 | ...

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Events | Amerant Bank Arena

7. How Much Are Melanie Martinez Tickets? Complete Guide

  • Feb 7, 2024 · According to the available information, tickets for Melanie Martinez's upcoming concerts are available on SeatGeek. The prices for tickets ...

  • Learn how to find the best deals on tickets to see alt-pop star Melanie Martinez live in concert for her 2024 Trilogy Tour across tips for buying early, finding cheap seats & avoiding fees.

How Much Are Melanie Martinez Tickets? Complete Guide

8. MLB All-Star Red Carpet Show preview for 2024

  • 8 hours ago · Strut your stuff! How the Red Carpet Show has changed the game. July 8th, 2024. Melanie Martinez ...

  • The All-Star Red Carpet Show is about fun, fashion and the opportunity for fans to see a different side of MLB’s biggest stars. “These guys showcase a whole other side of their personalities,” MLB Network host Greg Amsinger said. “I heard from many players that it's a dream of theirs

MLB All-Star Red Carpet Show preview for 2024
Seatgeek Melanie Martinez (2024)


Can a 10 year old go to a Melanie Martinez concert? ›

Under 12-year-olds need to be accompanied by an adult (18+) in possession of a valid concert ticket.

How to get into Melanie Martinez Presale? ›

To receive first access through Melanie Martinez's fan pre-presale, fans must register their email address and sign up for updates.

Who is opening for Melanie Martinez? ›

It started on May 10, 2024, at the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, United States, with shows across North America. It will conclude on November 16, 2024, at the Corona Capital festival in Mexico City, Mexico, comprising 53 shows. Men I Trust, Beach Bunny, Sofia Isella, Elita and Lola Young serve as opening acts.

How much are Melanie Martinez tickets VIP? ›

Melanie Martinez - Musician tickets are some of the most coveted items in the world of pop music due to her relentless touring. Ticket prices will range between $115 for balcony seats, up to $450 for floor seats on average. VIP tickets will range between $550 and $1,500 depending on the venue and package.

Can a 12 year old go to a concert with a parent? ›

It definitely depends on the child, not the age of the child and work up. Some 2 years can sit still, some 12 year olds can't. Understanding your child's attention span and abilities is key. Start with smaller concerts geared at younger kids and classical music.

How much does it cost to have Melanie Martinez at your party? ›

Melanie Martinez performs indie, indie pop, pop, the voice music and can be booked for (private) corporate events, personal appearances, or other music performances. The estimated booking fee range to book Melanie Martinez for your event is $10,000 - $30,000.

Who is Crybaby's mom? ›

What does Cry Baby perfume smell like? ›

This perfume is selling for over $1,000 now! Have you tried this fragrance? It smells like strawberry milk, and it is a delicious gourmand perfume.

Will Melanie Martinez go on tour in 2024? ›

MELANIE MARTINEZ: THE TRILOGY TOUR is coming to Dickies Arena on Saturday, June 22, 2024! Special guests will be BEACH BUNNY & SOFIA ISELLA.

Is the Crybaby perfume discontinued? ›

She later confirmed in 2023 during an interview with Wild 94.9 radio station that the perfume cannot be restocked because the manufacturer no longer exists. However, the CEO of the collaborator with Portals Parfums hinted at a possible reissue in the future.

Why was Melanie Martinez eliminated? ›

Martinez's incredible performances resulted in her becoming one of the Top 6 Artists of Season 3 and one of the most memorable acts of the season. Martinez was eliminated after delivering haunting covers of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" and "The Show" by Lenka.

How much is Melanie Martinez's new perfume? ›

Portals Parfums is available in 60 ml total (15 ml each of four scents) as an Eau de Parfum spray for $275. Individual refill vials (15 ml) and full-sized bottles (50 ml each) in Eau de Parfum will be released in 2024.

Is the trilogy tour 18+? ›

I love Illenium and super excited to be attending Trilogy this year in Colorado but both AXS and Ticketmaster say it's “all ages”.

How much will Billie Eilish tickets be? ›

How much are Billie Eilish tickets? Tickets will cost between £65.95 and £168.10 – keep an eye on Ticketmaster for exact prices and different ticket types.

How much will Melanie Martinez Trilogy tour tickets cost? ›

Melanie Martinez 2024 tour schedule
Melanie Martinez tour datesTicket prices start at
July 31 at the Giant Center in Hershey, PA$59
Aug. 1-4 at Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL Four-day passes$442
Sept. 7-8 at the Sudden Little Thrills Festival in Pittsburgh, PA Two-day passes$252
Sept. 26 at the O2 Arena in London, GB$96
30 more rows
May 8, 2024

Can you go to a concert at 10 years old? ›

Yes, to attend a live concert with your friends alone without the supervision of an adult, you have to be 16 years old. If you are less than 16, then you will have to be at the concert with either of your parents, a sibling who is older, or an adult who is 18 and above.

Can a 10 year old go to a Slipknot concert? ›

Seated: Under 14 year olds MUST be accompanied by an adult aged 18yrs + with a valid ticket, into the venue.

How much will Melanie Martinez tour tickets be? ›

Melanie Martinez in London - Ticket Options
Thu Sep 26 2024 London, UK
Official face value from £59.25. Resale tickets from £125.62. Track Ticket Price History SET PRICE ALERT
OfficialMelanie Martinez The Trilogy Tour London, O2from £59.25 inc fees
ResaleMelanie Martinez London, O2 Arena - Londonfrom £125.62 inc fees
7 more rows

Will Melanie Martinez ever go on tour? ›

Melanie Martinez is currently touring across 13 countries and has 23 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at GIANT Center in Hershey, after that they'll be at Grant Park in Chicago.


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