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Ten Reasons Why Royal Caribbean are Perfect for Families

Beccy Miller
Royal Caribbean are a firm favourite when it comes to taking a family cruise holiday. But what makes them such a popular choice? Here are ten reasons why we think Royal Caribbean are perfect for families.
1. They Have Kids Clubs for all ages

Royal Caribbean has options for all ages, from 6 months up to 17 years and all of them (apart from the Babies & Tots) are included in your cruise fare, which makes them perfect for a family cruise. Babies & Tots have a nursery where you can drop them off for a day or evening, giving you time to enjoy a spa day, or maybe dinner and show.

The kids' clubs for 3 to 11 year olds are split into three groups. Aquanauts (3-5), Explorers (6-8) and Voyagers (9-11) offer a massive range of age-appropriate activities, like pirate parties, science labs, scavenger hunts and late-night pizza parties. Teens get a bit more free rein and are split into ages 12 – 14 and 15 – 17 and can choose to hang out and play video games, watch movies, go rock climbing or dance in their very own nightclub – mocktails included!

2. Food for all

If you have a child who is a fussy eater, planning to eat out on holidays can be a cause of stress. Not all restaurants offer children's menus, or if they do, they might not be as beige as needed. With so many amazing dining options onboard, you will definitely get something to suit their palette and if all else fails, the buffet always has options. Of course, you may find it the other way and your kids are the adventurous sort, in which case, you will find that Royal are great at offering child-size portions of adult dishes, if you ask your waiting staff. Also, the dessert offerings. Ice-cream sundaes, cakes. They will be spoilt for choice.

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3. Water parks

The sun is shining. You’re on holiday. The kids want to go to a waterpark. Don’t worry, Royal Caribbean have you covered! There is an abundance of water fun to be had on most Royal ships. Younger children will love Splashaway Bay, with mini-slides, fountains, water cannons and whirlpools to keep them amused, they can spend hours here having fun.

Older children (or big-kids-at-heart!) might want to try the slides, you can race together down twin slides Cyclone and Typhoon, or spin and drop through Supercell or experience zero gravity on Tidal Wave.

4. Child-friendly excursions

Most children may struggle with a full day hitting museums or art galleries, but Royal Caribbean have a carefully curated selection of excursions with your little people in mind. Do grown-ups want to go to the Colosseum? You can get the kids excited first by teaching them the art of Gladiator combat. You can also go pizza making in Italy, go dog-sledging in Alaska or save sea turtles in Mexico. Each destination will have an option catered to your tastes. And if not, they can always stay in the kids club.

5. Family accommodation

The accommodation choices for families are great. You can get family cabins that will sleep up to six, though many larger families might prefer splitting into two cabins with a connecting door between them, though some budget-savvy families choose to get a balcony and an inside across from each other.

If you want to live the suite life though, you might want to consider the ultimate family suite on Symphony of the Seas. It sleeps up to 8 people in its two bedrooms, with a slide from the kids' room to the living area. It also has its own lego wall, climbing wall and hot tub.

6. No-Fly Options

Travelling with children, especially younger ones, means you don’t travel light and there is all sorts of paraphernalia to bring along. Royal Caribbean sail from the UK, so you don’t have to worry about baggage allowances and how your child is going to fit their 20 essentials items, that they cannot possibly leave the house without in your carry-on. One less thing to worry about!

7. My Family Time Dining

This fantastic concept really is a game-changer. Family dinners are great – but there comes a point when the kids are bored, while you might still want to linger with your coffee or cheese board. Royal Caribbean offer a special sitting where you can eat with your children and then they are collected to go and have an evening of fun at the kids/teen club. So yes, you can have that digestif and enjoy a child-free chat with your loved ones.

8. They will never get bored

Avoid the eye-roll when you suggest you just go down to the pool…again. They ca never get bored, as you get rock climbing walls, ice-skating rinks, bumper cars, crazy golf, water parks, arcades, laser tag, escape rooms, sky-diving simulators, surf-simulators and much, much more. Most families don’t even scratch the surface of what you can do on a 7 day cruise, which is why families cruise over and over again.

9. They are multi-generational

If you are travelling as a wider family group, as we so often do, Gran and Grandad are more than likely not going to want to try slides like The Ultimate Abyss (although we’re sure some of you will tell us otherwise). That’s fine, because there is plenty for all generations to enjoy on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Live music, relaxing spa spectacular shows, comedy, enrichment activities and adult-only spaces. All spend a day or evening enjoying what you prefer and then come together as a family to make precious memories that will extend long beyond the holiday.

10. Amazing value

When you factor in all of the amazing things included in a cruise, the value for money speaks for itself. If you paid for the level of food and entertainment that come as standard – separately - at a resort, it would spiral upwards. Our customers tell us again and again what great value cruising is and we think you’ll agree – Royal offer that for families in abundance.

Is your favourite family activity listed here? Let us know on Twitter

Ten Reasons Why Royal Caribbean are Perfect for Families |  Blog | Exclusive Deals (2024)


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